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Hey people,
enjoy this kissing photography,
and give all deviants a visit!!!!

Erik and I by 0xo love by chepkin Brandi and Thomas V by XBloom0BabyX
kissing by the sea by purple-agony :thumb134332959: Mistaken for strangers. by Arxios
Kissing by supergabot
Heather and Spencer by jfleck a m o - te. by JustToFeelSomething :thumb89041011:
:thumb133787016: 17.1.09 by juuLii now that I've found you II by coolcooldeath
The real Ariel and Eric by xredhairwonderx Hot Kiss by NaGaMo :thumb134581358:
:thumb135806704: lovers 4 by photoplace :thumb66547323:
:thumb135831929: KiSs Me Now by McSes
lovers gold. by ShortAxel

posted THIS WEEK:

Kiss in the Alley by DavidStrange Soft Kiss... by LilMaddy silent mode by willy2blue

that's it.


Don't forget to kiss along.
love, N
Helllooooo :)
This features news is all about Big and Beautiful women.
For the last week I collected all these photography of fullsize sexy women, and there they are:

enjoy :)

:icondrainoutmylungs: 's work:

untitled by drainoutmylungs Blush Beauty by drainoutmylungs
BadKitty by drainoutmylungs . by drainoutmylungs

:iconrandompeoplenames: 's work:

big sexy fat butts by randompeoplenames

:iconjjevans75: 's work:


:iconbutdigger: 's work:

Big Can Be Beautiful... by Butdigger

:iconmissshyly: 's work:

Shyly Goes Vintage by MissShyly   Sanders Makes Me Smile by MissShyly
Cutie Pie by MissShyly Shyly v2008 by MissShyly

:iconbelenen: 's work:

Body Confidence by Belenen   Self-Assured by Belenen

:iconphoenixstamatis: 's work:

Big Mama Sleep by Phoenixstamatis

:iconrebekaphotography: 's work:


:iconjo-sparkles: 's work:

Never knew by jo-sparkles

:iconredhairedvamp: 's work:

Classic Pose by redhairedvamp Lounge by redhairedvamp

:iconboredwithreality: 's work:

I'm Listening by boredwithreality Joy by boredwithreality

:iconevilmisslauren: 's work:

Glasses and Lingerie by EvilMissLauren

:iconms-eerie: 's work:

Come Find Me by ms-eerie An Opera You Never Saw by ms-eerie

Mature Content

Smooth to Complicated by ms-eerie

:iconseductivebyatch: 's work:

self 1 by SeductiveByatch self 2 by SeductiveByatch

:icongator78: 's work:

Come with me... by gator78

:iconthedaydreaminggirl: 's work:

:thumb131729482: :thumb128977884: :thumb135523444:

:iconaiae: 's work:

Tattoo Girl by Aiae

:iconfatbottomedgirl: 's work:

Reclined by FatBottomedGirl

:iconlovemeformexox: 's work:

:thumb82455524: :thumb125572451:

:iconshaunacyh: 's work:

Missing Him by Shaunacyh Story Time by Shaunacyh
And Your Point is... by Shaunacyh Seriously? by Shaunacyh

:icondasgothiclolita: 's work:

:thumb125805164: :thumb114882134:

:iconshockallart: 's work:

Poupee Gonflee by ShockAllArt

:iconwickedlady: 's work:

Just a Portrait by wickedlady

:iconkilted-saru: 's work:

Take two by Kilted-Saru


Enchanting by Charlie-C-M

:iconjstem: 's work:

Pinup pose 1, not size 1 by jstem It's the shoes by jstem

:iconx-vulpine-x: 's work:


:icon tattoodanieldavid: 's work:

:thumb124878684: :thumb129065694:
:thumb117948642: Beautiful reader in the park by tattoodanieldavid

:iconemanoellewoodall: 's work:

Plus Size Pin-up Portrait 4 by EmanoelleWoodall

:iconmarciedip: 's work:

Plernpiss 4 by Marciedip

:iconallymo: 's work:

clucking hens. by allymo

:iconleahconnor: 's work:

Pretty For You by LeahConnor Tamara the Bride by LeahConnor

:iconblissnoire: 's work. which I found with the help of :iconmodelmone:

Lost at Sunset by blissnoire

That's it. hope you like it and will give all artists a visit :)


On my last news (cupcakes features… ) I forgot to include one great digital art piece of this great artist: :iconemilyhatake:

so here is her work:

and, I'm sorry again Emily :)
check out her gallery!


BUDDIES by ImShabtai Are you shooting ME? by ImShabtai
YONA 2 by ImShabtai YONA by ImShabtai



Here are my previous features news:

The longest cupcakes features news ever:…
Gay pride photography featuers:…
Male Photographers taking pics of Woman Features:…
STAR OF TODAY (features):…
features PART 1:…

N :P

I want to make a photography features news, the theam is "Big girl, You are beautiful!"..
as you probably guess, i'm looking for photography art work (only) of real size women, big and beautiful woman or child (girls only).

If you want me to feature your work please send me its thumbs HERE:…. YOU CAN SEND ME AS MANY PHOTOS AS YOU WANT! you can also send me thumbs of OTHER PEOPLES WORK and i will feature it in the news article.

If you send me thumbs PLEASE! write IF THE ART WORK IS YOURS OR OTHER ARTISTS'. please put other artist's icon next to his/her thumbs!

Please send all thumbs as SOON as possible!!!
so i can publish the news article soon... hopefuly ON 12 OF SEPTEMBER !!!

Also i'm planing to continue with "... is beauty" features news. i think the next one will be a "Black is beautiful" features news, with photography features of beautiful BLACK women and men.
if you want you can send me thumbs for this theam ALSO HERE:… !

Thank you so much for taking part of this,
as i said on my previes news,
this time news is about gay pride photograpy!!!


Not long ago a men Killed !!! two people who were in a meeting for gay youth in Tel-Aviv, just because they were gay…
Well I'm not gay, but yet i think we should not hate people because of their sexual priority, and we should respect them!
We're all different from others, and… well ... we have to respect that, cause... well… we can't hate everybody! Right?


So here are some very beautiful photos representing gay pride, enjoy, and give the wonderful artists a visit!!!!!!

Gay Pride 1 by Divadlo   Gay Pride 2 by Divadlo   Gay Pride Brighton XIII by Guerillaphotography  :thumb62906200:
:thumb132664293:   Got Pride Series Number 05 by picazza  :thumb133831403:  :thumb134322999:
:thumb123158808:  :thumb128992315:   Gay pride flag by preppyboy94   PHOTOS ARE GOING INTO SCRAPS by BleedingBrainTumor
Gay Pride - Brighton 2006 10 by neolestat  :thumb90055213:   Pride: the kiss by dirtycar74  :thumb35623264:
Pride by blahhh175   Transvestite by TheKrayzie  :thumb130602898:  :thumb36929832:
Gay Pride Parade 2009 by Margaret93   Pride09 IV by WanderlustKing  :thumb131281382:  
summer is super cool. by psychododolic   summer is a kiss. by psychododolic   summer is passion. by psychododolic

that's all..:)


All this wonderful work by the following artists:

:icondivadlo: :iconguerillaphotography: :iconlaurenericaphoto: :icondeucalion20:
:iconpicazza: :iconbenoitpaille: :iconmetsadevin: :iconmaivugia:
:iconpreppyboy94: :iconbleedingbraintumor: :iconneolestat: :icondiavie:
:icondirtycar74: :iconeuristis: :iconblahhh175: :iconthekrayzie:
:icontehhuskeh: :iconlironada: :iconmargaret93: :iconwanderlustking:
:icongaarochimaruzamaki: :iconpsychododolic:


And here are some stamps:

:thumb130447137:  and   :Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo


:iconcyantre:  and  :iconminty-hippo:


:) that's it,
I don't know what features i'll do next time.. maybe of children..

have a gay day ;)

Hey all!

I'm making this News with hope that someone will read it some day :]


Here are some beautiful :deviation: PICS :deviation: of some beautiful :flirty: WOMEN :flirty: by some talented :b0x0rz: MEN :b0x0rz: !!!!              enjoy!


because by bagnino   Thinking of You by McSes   Cherry BonBon IX by digital-uncool
:thumb107857590:   White elegance by PhilippeGaravel  :thumb133461447:
:thumb130489334:   formal sikhs II. by Valdoo   Don't blame by jakehutchy
thoma4 by jfphotography   neon by andrewfphoto   Nell - Illamasqua by andrewfphoto
Sandra without Make Up by nAgLiMaNtAs  :thumb130983312:   Abat-jour II Retro by Indigostudio
:::it'SraiNinGoNmYLOve::: by twELveRN   Gran 14 by genosfear   freckles III by Sssssergiu
singing by the sea by avivi   Not Serious by sexties   Hope by MartinStranka
:thumb120422795:   sad times in music box by shamanski   rain., by salihguler
Fallen Angels by hakanphotography  :thumb134188756:   naughty joke by mario19
Chloe New by Thunderfaggot   finding neverland. by BladeRennard  :thumb118220625:
The world turns grey by vejitatoja  :thumb106511329:   Cold II by BigboyDenis


thats all.. (:
All these photos are by the following male photographers:

:iconbagnino: :iconmcses: :icondigital-uncool: :iconricardocruz7: :iconphilippegaravel:
:iconbenoitpaille: :iconvaldoo: :iconjakehutchy: :iconjfphotography: :iconandrewfphoto:
:iconnaglimantas: :iconkurabie: :iconindigostudio: :icontwelvern: :icongenosfear:
:iconsssssergiu: :iconavivi: :iconsexties: :iconmartinstranka: :iconkoukei:
:iconshamanski: :iconsalihguler: :iconhakanphotography: :iconm-igor: :iconmario19:
:iconthunderfaggot: :iconbladerennard: :iconbenoitpaille: :iconvejitatoja: :iconthe-invisiblefriend:


Give the great artists some favs + and visit!


Next time on my news : "PRIDE PHOTOGRAPHY"  :community:
If you want me to FEATURE some of your photos (related to the subject) in the next news comment here with photo's THUMB!!


Have a wonderful day.

and today's star > :iconkaotika:

hey all.

kaotika is a very talented artist. i love her work, and you should take a look on some of her work which i love the most:

Cycle by Kaotika   Blindness by Kaotika   Voice by Kaotika  
Justine by Kaotika   The Faint Line by Kaotika   Bipolar by Kaotika
The Guardian by Kaotika   Learning to Fly by Kaotika   Hate me I am ChiC by Kaotika

:star: and anoter wonderful photo by kaotika :star:

Time by Kaotika
to see more, go to kaotika's galleries on these sites >  :iconkaotika: :iconkaotika-stock:

:D that's all :D
N the P.

mazal tov.


:thumb131121324:  :thumb129126522:  :thumb127645284:
:thumb122297444:  :thumb118013179:  :thumb131122155:

:iconmcses: >> 70's Segev by McSes  haha!!

Not Only Roses by McSes   In The Woods III by McSes  :thumb125324043:
Playing With The Winds by McSes   With All My Glory by McSes   1 2 3 JUMP by McSes


Someday Soon by VioletEvans   Pearls of Light by VioletEvans   Those Feelings II by VioletEvans
And If I Go Insane by VioletEvans   Third of January II by VioletEvans   Third of January I by VioletEvans


:thumb109062856:  :thumb106522822:  :thumb106987037:


Yellow, Blue , Green by B-you   i love her? by B-you   Party Of Colors by B-you
Born to be Free by B-you   In the Thicket by B-you   Winter Blossom by B-you

comming soon - part 2!

missing winter, N the P


a new b & w club!!


take a look!!



how cute :D

createt by - :iconkrissi001: