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as i said on my previes news,
this time news is about gay pride photograpy!!!


Not long ago a men Killed !!! two people who were in a meeting for gay youth in Tel-Aviv, just because they were gay…
Well I'm not gay, but yet i think we should not hate people because of their sexual priority, and we should respect them!
We're all different from others, and… well ... we have to respect that, cause... well… we can't hate everybody! Right?


So here are some very beautiful photos representing gay pride, enjoy, and give the wonderful artists a visit!!!!!!

Gay Pride 1 by Divadlo   Gay Pride 2 by Divadlo   Gay Pride Brighton XIII by Guerillaphotography  :thumb62906200:
:thumb132664293:   Got Pride Series Number 05 by picazza  :thumb133831403:  :thumb134322999:
:thumb123158808:  :thumb128992315:   Gay pride flag by preppyboy94   PHOTOS ARE GOING INTO SCRAPS by BleedingBrainTumor
Gay Pride - Brighton 2006 10 by neolestat  :thumb90055213:   Pride: the kiss by dirtycar74  :thumb35623264:
Pride by blahhh175   Transvestite by TheKrayzie   GayCouple02 by TehHuskeh  :thumb36929832:
Gay Pride Parade 2009 by Margaret93   Pride09 IV by WanderlustKing  :thumb131281382:  
summer is super cool. by psychododolic   summer is a kiss. by psychododolic   summer is passion. by psychododolic

that's all..:)


All this wonderful work by the following artists:

:icondivadlo: :iconguerillaphotography: :iconlaurenericaphoto: :icondeucalion20:
:iconpicazza: :iconbenoitpaille: :iconmetsadevin: :iconmaivugia:
:iconpreppyboy94: :iconbleedingbraintumor: :iconneolestat: :icondiavie:
:icondirtycar74: :iconeuristis: :iconblahhh175: :iconthekrayzie:
:icontehhuskeh: :iconlironada: :iconmargaret93: :iconwanderlustking:
:icongaarochimaruzamaki: :iconpsychododolic:


And here are some stamps:

:thumb130447137:  and   :Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo


:iconcyantre:  and  :iconminty-hippo:


:) that's it,
I don't know what features i'll do next time.. maybe of children..

have a gay day ;)
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Lironada Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009  Student Photographer
WONDERFUL article! should be noticed more than it is....
And thank you for the feature :)
ImShabtai Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
thank you and welcom
metsadevin Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009  Student
thank you so much for featuring me!
I agree with you everybody is different, we cant hate evrybody.. I live my life by just one rule and that is that I do and leave whatever I want as long as it doesn't harm anyone , I respect what any person does , believes and wants as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.
I never understood how people could be against gay people .. the only difference is they have sex with someone of the same sex but why would someone care what other people do between there sheets and in there home ?? and religion , well those people screaming you go to hell if you are gay well I think they have a right to believe that, but if there is a God he wouldn't like hate either. those people may believe gays go to hell but they should worry about themselves not going to hell , not trying to force others there believes..
Live your life and leave others live there, respect eachother ... life would be so much nicer if everyone would just take a look at themselves before judging others , I'm not a bible expert but I ,from religion classes when I was younger, remember jezus said: may he who is without sin trow the first stone. not that being gay is a sin, how can love be a sin ??? but its nearly the same as saying : begin with yourself.
ImShabtai Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009
thank you so much for your comment i think it's important that many will read it.

and i agree..
i think this is corect when you think about any difference between you and others, not just sexual proiority, so what if someone is gay or black or jewish or i dont know what?: respact everybody, don't judge anyone! for yourself to begin with...
many people think that homosexual people are sinners and bring wars with thire sin... that's why they think is o.k to harm them - i realy do not beilive in this!
i liked what you said about doing whatever you want as long as it doesn't harm anyone...
basically what i'm trying to say is live and let live...
thank you so much and have a happy day!

maivugia Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
YAY! Great feature idea... and thanks so much for including me :glomp:
ImShabtai Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
yey!!! :D

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